Nov 19, 2021

Finding What We Believe: Choosing a New Narrative In Hiring

Last week I talked about the importance of your vision, not just for your business, but setting one for yourself and your life. Your vision is what attracts the right people to

Nov 19, 2021

Managing Forward: Why Expecting Your Employees to Leave Their Bags at the Door Doesn’t Work Anymore

I’ve managed companies in various industries over the years. Switching from the childcare industry to the carpet cleaning industry meant switching from an all-female staff to an all-male staff.

Nov 19, 2021

Own Your Lane, Own Your Life

Today’s topic is really about miscommunication. (And how that miscommunication led to a breakthrough about one seemingly simple word.)

Nov 19, 2021

Same Game, New Name

In May of this year, I became the new CEO of the much-beloved leadership coaching consultancy, RevenueTribe. I feel honored and blessed to be given this opportunity to continue the work of my predecessor.

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