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Jordan Pendlaton

Jordan Pendleton

Jordan is passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves in all areas of life. She strongly believes that every person deserves to live a soul-fulfilling life they love where they can achieve sustainable success while being incredibly happy and fulfilled at the same time.

Her belief is based on her own experiences. Jordan went from feeling empty and unfulfilled while growing a successful financial planning business to rediscovering her passions and creating a meaningful new business that was in 100% alignment with her purpose and values. And during this process, her once broken relationships flourished again while her mind, body, and spirit felt revitalized.

Through the incredible process with Bold Leader Collective, she was able to know and understand herself again on a deep level, allowing her to make decisions for her life that were aligned with her values vs. the external expectations of success.

Now, Jordan specializes in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs discover their blueprint for achieving soul-fulfilling success while increasing their personal and professional impact. Her greatest joy is to help her clients reconnect with themselves and support them on their personal journey to discover what success looks like and feels like to them.

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