Lyndsey Medina | BOLD LEADER

Lyndsey Medina

Lyndsey Medina is a mover and a shaker. With her degree in Health and Exercise Science and as a certified BOLD Leader coach, Lyndsey helps her clients discover what matters most to them when it comes to health and fitness. Her innovative program, Reclaim Your F.I.T., integrates BOLD Leader mindset coaching with movement and adventure, to create a uniquely embodied experience that allows clients to bust through mental roadblocks to achieve the health and lifestyle they want. By ditching the broken cycles of fad diets and failed workout regimens, Lyndsey’s clients are able to start and to keep moving towards true transformation and sustainable change.

Lyndsey Medina empowers people to start believing in themselves, push their perceived limits, and discover their passions so they can experience life to the fullest and feel free.

Lyndsey is a part of a lineage of Chicanos from Southern Colorado and was born and raised in Denver, Colorado’s Front Range. Growing up she had a big passion for athletics and what the body is capable of. She knew health and wellness coaching would be her life’s work when her grandmother passed away in 2007 from metabolic syndrome, a disease that’s completely preventable with the proper education and tools. She has been a personal trainer for more than 15 years, and an avid outdoor adventurer, and now is joining forces with the BOLD Leader Collective. She’s most passionate about seeing people reconnect with themselves and is excited to guide folks to know their truest alignment.

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